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There is no need to say a lot about Jerusalem … it’s always worth a trip. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this city from your terrace, the charming surroundings of Old-Talpiot when walking through the nearby Haas Tayelet Park, the many historic sites and especially the Old City. It’s here that many cultures of old and modern civilizations meet. The Old City is divided into the Jewish, the Christian, the Armenian and the Muslim quarter, all surrounded by a wall.

From 1948 to 1967, Jerusalem was a divided city. The Western part was controlled by Israel, the Eastern part with the Old City by Jordan. The border to Jordania passed right across the street from your apartment. During the 6-day-war in 1967, Israel conquered the Eastern part of the city vis-à-vis from the apartment. Since then, all of Jerusalem is controlled by Israel.

On this webpage, we present the attractions and tourist sites in and around Jerusalem as links. There is no need to retell the many stories about the sites of Jerusalem but it would be a pity not to point out to you the well-written articles and the wonderful pictures referring to the many aspects of Jewish and Christian culture and history as well as the exciting bazaar. 

Here we go:


Religious Sites of Jerusalem in Graphics and Pictures (in German)

Jerusalem Old City, Temple Mount (Al-Aksa-Moschee, Dome of the Rock) and Mount of Olives with its many Churches and Synagogues – a clever presentation in German with maps displaying graphic links to descriptions, a carefully selected list of prominent links on Jerusalem. There is also an alphabetical list of sites in Jerusalem leading to descriptions and beautiful large-size pictures.


Historic Map of Jerusalem

Download of an illustrated map of Jerusalem with attractions and street names.


Bible walks for Jews and Christians

One of the most exciting, attractive and informative Jerusalem reports that its author Rotom describes as "stemming mostly from the Bible with focus on both Jewish and Christian interests".


Jerusalem Attractions and Events

A website with useful tourist information about Jerusalem: tours, sites, history, religions, etc.




Jerusalem Official Tourism Portal

The Jerusalem Tourism Authority offers very useful information on cultural sites and current events in Jerusalem.




Ancient Jerusalem, Israelites and modern Israelis

Beyond the Old City Walls © jewishvirtuallibrary.org - Jewish Virtual Library, Jerusalem




Survey of Historic Christian Architecture in Jerusalem

Christian Architecture through the Ages © mfa.gov.il - Important architectural ruins & churches




A picture tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

Old City Picture tour © users.misericordia.edu - interesting description




Be your own tour guide in Jerusalem

GPS Jerusalem Walking Tours © gpsmycity.com - Self-Guided Walking Tour with your iPhone


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