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Environment of Beitar Street 22


The apartment is situated in the popular old part of Talpiot Arnona, a charming area with two and three storey houses, a lot of green, many playgrounds and synagogues. Minutes away, the Haas Tayelet Promenade invites you to walks and spectacular views  that could become your most pleasant experience while in Jerusalem. In front of your door, bus no. 7 stops that takes you in 15 minutes downtown.

Right behind the private parking lot, adjacent to the house, there are two small grocery stores with daily fresh bread and produce and everything else you might need during your stay in the apartment. A supermarket is three blocks down the street, a pizzeria and an ice cream parlor only two blocks away. 

Most of the places you would want to visit can be reached by foot and here is how long it will approximately take you:  

  • German Colony ~1.2 miles (20-30 min walk)
  • Fresh produce market / grocery store, behind your private parking lot
  • Haas Promenade/Park, 5 min walk
  • Synagogues – at least 10 within minutes’ walk
  • Playgrounds – 4 less than 5 min away
  • Live Entertainment: Shakespeare Pub, 1 block, several discos 20 min walk
  • Pizzeria and ice cream parlor, 2 blocks
  • Medical 24h Emergency Center Terum, 2 blocks
  • Fresh produce market / grocery store, next block
  • Bus No 7 stops across the street, goes directly to downtown
  • Old City / Kotel, ~2 miles miles (30 min walk)
  • Supermarket, 10 min walk




Talpiot Arnona

Talpiot Arnona is one of the most pleasant residential neighborhoods of Jerusalem. It is a family-oriented community with a harmonious mixture of secular and religious residents and a number of Orthodox, Ashkenazi and Sephardic synagogues. It is close to the center, yet has a suburban touch with many lovely single homes. The area consists of several sections.

The most charming section is North Talpiot-Arnona where the apartment Beitar Street 22 is situated in the midst of small buildings and a lot of greenery, 2 blocks from the new American Embassy site and the Terem Medical Center. Across the street from the apartment are new condominiums, behind and to either side of the apartment are small houses in an idyllic setting. Two blocks down the hill is Derech Hevron Street, across lies East Talpiot with many restaurants and the Kanyon Hadar shopping mall on Pierre Koenig Street. A little further down is West Talpiot, an industrial section with more shopping centers and restaurants.

Old Talpiot is an easy walk to Baka, the German Colony, and Old Katamon and a reasonable walk for fit walkers to the Old City and the Kotel. On Sabbath and holidays, a stream of Jews from Talpiot walks the way to the Kotel of "the hill to which all mouths turn." They walk the distance of about two miles. For more information, please see LINK Location.


Community and Religious Life

Arnona-Talpiot has two Ashkenazi (Shai Agnon and Lidenbaum) and two Sephardic synagogues (Hursha and Hakshiva Shavati). There is also a new family-oriented Minyan (prayer service) in Midreshet Lindenbaum which caters to young families and English speakers. Families from the Minyan serve as a support group for those who are new to the neighborhood, welcoming them for meals, offering assistance and making them feel at home.

Restaurants and Pubs

There is a pizza and an ice cream parlor one block away from the apartment. Many restaurants, including a lot of kosher ones, are about a 15 minutes’ walk away, the famous tourist restaurants in the German Colony are 20 minutes away.

The popular pub Shakespeare  is one block away from the apartment.


One of Jerusalem's main shopping districts is West Talpiot. The most popular shopping malls are  Kanyon Hadar on Pierre Koenig Street and Kanyon Ahim Yisrael on Yad Haharutzim Street.


The number 7 bus stops right at the corner of Beitar 22 and takes you to the center of the city. Several bus lines to the center of Jerusalem stop two blocks down the street as well as an express bus to Har Hahotzvim – see  LINK  bus map.

Medical Services

The Terem 24hour Emergency Medical Center Hatayelet, 6 Yanovsky St. is two blocks away. Terem has earned international recognition for excellence.


Talpiot has a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, and dozens of nightclubs and discos, including one of Israel's most popular nightclubs, Haoman 17 and Yellow Submarine.


Tayelet Haas (Sherover) Promenade

Only a few minutes away from the apartment is one of the best sites Jerusalem has to offer: the Tayelet Haas Promenade. It is a great place for a stroll with a wonderful view of the fascinating Jerusalem landscape, the Old City with its walls, the New City skyline, the surrounding villages of Abu Dis, Silwan, Abu Tor, the Dead Sea, the desert and on clear days the Jordanian mountains at the horizon.

Tayelet Haas Promenade has lovely flat walking paths with sufficient  greenery for children to run and play. There are many walking trails in the area and shaded lawns for family picnics. It is also a great place for jogging,  joining morning walkers or taking an evening stroll.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to make high-quality and impressive pictures, especially at sundown and when the city is illuminated at night.